1998 Re-enactment Featured
 in The Old Farmer's Almanac

The latest edition of THE OLD FARMER'S 2001 ALMANAC features a Civil War article, Playing Dixie with the Farbs and the Hardcores, by Diane Roberts. With focus on the reenactment of the Battle of Raymond, the article also portrays reenactments as a national hobby...."From Pennsylvania to the Florida peninsula, there's a Civil War battle to reenact almost every weekend of the year. It means dressing up, sleeping on the ground, and eating disgusting food - and it's the country's fastest-growing hobby."

Included in the featured article are four photographs by Becky and Jim Drake, members of Friends of Raymond. Their prize winning photographs were taken at the 1998 Re-enactment of the Battle of Raymond.

Highlighted in Playing Dixie with the Farbs and the Hardcores are several of the people who were present for the 1998 re-enactment in Raymond. Tom Breakspear, from Tennessee, was portrayed as... "dressed in ragged Confederate gray and looking very much like a weary, march-dirted soldier who fought in the Civil War 137 years ago." Angie Dedaux, a young woman from Picayune, Mississippi, came dressed looking like, and all... "a house servant - a younger Hattie McDaniel from Gone With the Wind - apron, head rag, gold hoops"

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