Utica Separate District



W. M. Alexander, Principal, Utica; Miss Holman, Utica; Miss Annie Laurie Patton, Utica; Miss Reed, Utica; Miss Stewart, Utica.


G. W. Simmons, M. B. Mims, J. W. Bolton.


This school is 5 miles south of Adams and 6 miles north of Carpenter.


One-acre lot; not sufficient playgrounds; an insufficient number of shade trees but more are being planted; grounds are not level enough or large enough; sanitary toilets with running water.


$14,500.00 building; five class rooms including auditorium; well lighted with the exception of one room; brick building; in very good repair and well kept.


Single patent desks; very good blackboards; some maps; library books; drinking fountain; upright stove; jacket around large stove in auditorium.


Five teachers; 10 grades; -- pupils in district; -- pupils enrolled; -- daily average; canning, poultry and corn clubs; community meetings; monthly report cards.

First Class, making 105 points.


Approximate assessed value of district, $350.00. 3 1/4 mill levy.